50 tips on JavaScript

50 Tips on JavaScript

An illustrated guide to 50 of the most interesting JavaScript topics.

Learn about destructing, iterables, generators, helpful browser APIs. The book covers concepts like higher-order functions, memoization, currying, and state machines. You will find the fundamentals of Flux and Redux and see how patterns like singleton and publisher/subscriber work.

Every topic comes with a profound explanation, code samples, and illustration. The author spent a year crafting each of the chapters to make your learning experience smooth and enjoyable.

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What's in the book

  1. Basics
    • Strict equality
    • Comma operator
    • Spread operator
    • Destructing
    • Optional chaining
    • By reference or by value
    • Reducing
    • Async/await (preview)
    • Iterable protocol
    • Generators
    Browser APIs
    • Printing JSON
    • Object.assign
    • Capture groups
    • Tagged template literal (preview)
    • Media query list
    • Event delegation
    • Error handling
    • Blast from the past
  2. Popular concepts
    • Readability
    • The return statement is not the end
    • Always get a value
    • This
    • Scope
    • Manually creating block scope
    • Call, apply and bind
    • Chaining
    • Recursion
    • Higher order functions
    • Memoization (preview)
    • Partial application
    • Currying
    • Dependency injection
    • State machines
    • Reducers
    • Flux architecture
    • Redux
    • Communicating sequential processes
  3. Implementations
    • Asynchronous Immediately Invoked Function Expression
    • Asynchronous queue
    • JavaScript module system as a singleton (preview)
    • Call-to-action widgets script tag replacement
    • Removing fields from objects
    • A must have function argument
    • Loading JavaScript file dynamically
    Design patterns
    • Singleton
    • Factory pattern
    • Module revealing pattern
    • Publisher/Subscriber pattern
    • Mixins (preview)
    • Command pattern done with generators

Krasimir TsonevHey, I'm Krasimir. I like to write. Most of my art I deploy to production. Sometimes fails, but I'm getting better, each year. I love sharing what I know. This time I'm doing it in the format of a book. I spent a year crafting the chapters and the illustrations. I hope you'll like it.

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Krasimir Tsonev

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